Sen. Mike Walsworth has established the Michael A. Walsworth Endowed Scholarship in Political Science at the University of Louisiana Monroe with a $30,000 contribution to the ULM Foundation.

At a press conference Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019, at ULM, Walsworth, who is term-limited and retiring from the state Legislature, talked about his decision to create the scholarship.

“This is mostly about my dad,” Walsworth explained, saying his father graduated from high school, but not college. However, if the senior Walsworth was curious or wanted to learn about something, he went to ULM.

“He took a class almost every semester, a night class out here, just to get the knowledge. This is more about him than anything else, and how much he loved this university,” Walsworth said.

Walsworth has been a frequent guest in Political Science Professor Dr. Josh Stockley’s classroom. When he found out there was not a scholarship in political science, he became concerned.

“It’s not just about the political side, it’s what governs us. This is what governs us. It is a great profession and we need more of our young people to get in this profession and make our country great. That’s why I wanted to do this,” Walsworth said.

President Dr. Nick J. Bruno thanked Walsworth for both the scholarship and his dedication to public service.

“I want to thank Sen. Walsworth for his very generous contribution and his service to this area and ULM for over 20 years,” Bruno said.

“I know the students we graduate in political science are getting the opportunity to see both sides of issues. Whether they choose a career in politics or government, these students understand that awareness, collaboration and negotiation must occur to accomplish common goals.”

“I wish you the best as you step down from your role as senator. I know you will still be around to help the university and citizens of Ouachita Parish,” Bruno said.

Stockley introduced two recipients of the Walsworth Scholarship, Allie Lee and Shelby Rybicki.

Both graduated with degrees in political science. Lee is a staff member with Louisiana 6th District Congressman Garrett Graves’ office.

Rybicki is in ULM graduate school pursuing a Master of Public Administration.

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