The holidays are around the corner. I feel the excitement, calendars filling up, cooking, planning… Wheee! Let the games begin! I read this somewhere and it fits me to a tee: Why I Cook for the Holidays… To Give Thanks, To Make Merry, Because I love Leftovers, Because Baby It Is Cold Outside, Because It Is My Favorite Color, Because Nobody Beats My Dressing, To impress my Friends & Family, Makes My House Smell Wonderful & Warm. I am just so thankful that I can still pick up and stir the pot! Praise the Lord!

Carrick Inabnett was in New Orleans for a reunion with old friends from Neville. Many years ago the then-Brown Paper Mill sponsored an advanced Chemistry & Physics class, taught by Dr. Lon Coburn from Pennsylvania, for exceptional students. This group has gathered over the years to celebrate this scholastic experience. Among the group were DR. LEA HALE, ALLEN TROUSDALE, BILL ELLIS, TOMMY COLDWELL, DICK WRIGHT and HERSHELL ABBOTT. The old boys celebrated with dinner at Antoine’s. It was so good Carrick took his beautiful granddaughter MARY SNELLINGS INABNETT, whom is a very smart student at Tulane, to dinner the next night. She had her picture taken by the picture of Herschel Abbott, a past Rex King. The prestigious Rex Carnival in New Orleans has been around since 1872. Most all the Kings are born and bred in the city. Monroe has the privilege of having two kings: DENNIS McDONALD and HERSHELL ABBOTT.

I love the Mexican Holiday celebration, The Day of the Dead! This tradition is a special day to honor the deceased loved ones with favorite foods, decorating altars with bright colors, flowers, candles and pictures … a celebration of life. In memory of SPERRY BROWN, JOHNNY JOHNSON, TOMMY GODFREY, SHARON HUFF, NAEEM SHAKIR, JOHN SMITH, DICK ETHRIDGE, JOHN HAMILTON, JOY VINES, DR.TOM FIELDS, PAM THOMAS and JANIE TROZOLAS.

Remembering my old friend Sperry, I ran across a thank you note from his beautiful wife SHARON BROWN. After re-reading, I know why I save it. Sharon writes one of the best notes I have ever received, along with NANCY INABNETT, MARTHA ANDERSON, REBO BRADFORD, WENDY GRAY, LORETTA RIVERS, DEBBIE EDGERTON, CARRICK INABNETT, CAROL CUDD and LINDA REEVES. What is better that a note of any kind in a timely fashion? Speaking of thank you notes, Thank you and a note is in the mail, to DR. ED EDGERTON for my beautiful DESERT ROSE (Adenium obesum). We are so proud of this amazing plant and are happy to report with your wonderful instructions of care, our Desert Rose is thriving and very happy with it’s new home and surroundings. We will enjoy for many years to come! Again, a very warm thank you.

Again, old letters and old memories are just the best. I found a letter dated July of 1959. I was maybe a sophomore at Neville. Mary Elizabeth Webster, a Neville graduate, then attending Sophie Newcomb was helping the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity organize a rush party here in Monroe. She set me up with Edwin Edgerton, a freshman attending Tulane and heading to medical school. How excited I was… he was so good looking(he should have been as his beautiful Mother was an LSU Darling many years ago), smart and nice. We had a ball and I received several letters from Ed that I have always kept.

The American Rivalry Series was back in town to chronicle Neville versus West Monroe, late September. Prior to the kick off, the ARS recognized senior safety LUKE CAGLE for his work in the classroom and former Tiger great and NFL/USFL quarterback BOB LANE was also recognized. Congratulations and all the best!

It is not too late, run run, run to Strauss Theater and get your tickets for “SINGING the STANDARDS” .. an Intimate Night of Live Music, Dinner and Dancing featuring everyone’s favorites, ROD ALLEN PAYNE, LISA SPANN & ADAM JONES. Limited seating! Show time is 6:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 10. Tickets are $50 each. Call 323-6681.

Time to join the Masur Museum with its great events and exhibits…just so much fun and you are going to learn something, even if you don’t want to! Hurry, hurry and get your name in the pot! For more information, call 329-2237.

Shop Historic ANTIQUE ALLEY in downtown West Monroe, Shop Dine & Stay, Christmas on the River — first weekend after Thanksgiving till Christmas. It is going to be wonderful!

Keep your heart brave and your imagination wild! Be kind to all!

Dianne Cage

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