A Fayette, Ms., man was charged with 40 counts of stolen property after allegedly taking 40 boxes of beehives from his former employer -- Brian Adee.

Concordia Parish Sheriff's Office Detective Chris Groh went undercover to arrest Robert Wayne Johnson, 57, 83 Old Highway 20, Perkins Road, Fayette on the 40 counts.

Groh said the former A.H. Meyers and Sons in Vidalia had been purchased by Ken Ensminger, and then sold to Brian Adee.

Groh said the stolen hives allegedly took place last July.

"Brian was really unsure how many hives he had," Groh said. "I later got a call from Ken Ensminger about a guy in Clayton making arrangements to sell bee hives. Brian said he had not sold any with his name on it. Ken told me there was something fishy about Johnson. So I got his contact informing and got word that I was wanting to arrange a meeting to purchase the hives"

Groh arranged the proposed purchase of hives from Johnson near Washington Heights in Clayton on Friday.

"His wife showed up and took me back to where they were, and sure enough there were all the bee hives," Groh said. "I used to raise bee hives myself, so I could see how neglected they were. Consequently, he lost 40 bee hives that were worth a lot of money."

Johnson is being held at the prison on Hwy. 15.

"We've got a zero tolerance for theft, especially those things that are a necessity for our farmers," said Concordia Parish Chief Deputy David Hedrick. "We do not take these kind of things lightly."

There is also a warrant out for JazzaBo Sommersville of Clayton for being an accessory. Sommersville is Johnson's stepson, according to CPSO.

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