Deondrais Boxley

Deondrais Boxley

Vidalia High junior Deondrais Boxley plans on becoming an oncologist in the future.

"I've had several relatives with cancer and it's something that's very personal to me," Boxley told the Vidalia Lions Club on Oct. 3.

Boxley, who plans on attending LSU, doesn't have to worry about the hectic schedule being involved in the medical field requires. He's learning how to handle that at Vidalia High.

Boxley is a statistician for Vidalia High School football, has received the 2018 Sydney A. Murray Citizenship Award, is the President for Vidalia’s FCCLA Club, is the Vice President for Vidalia’s BETA Club, is the president of the Class of 2020, and is also the Vice President for the Louisiana DECA Club.

The DECA club prepares future leaders for the real world and also prepares future entrepreneurs for the business world. As pare of the DECA Club, Boxley has already flown to Chicago and Baltimore for national meetings.

“My plans for the future surrounding DECA involve me running for State President this upcoming school year and staying as active as I can,” he said. “I have also been working on getting a DECA Club started in the Vidalia Junior High School. Being part of the DECA Club really brings out the best in you, in DECA you are not required to live up to anyone’s expectations except your own. In DECA you can excel and really want to be more involved which is one of the reasons I joined DECA. Also, DECA provides experience and scholarships for high school and college students.”

The request to start a DECA Club at VJHS is still being processed, but with all these benefits for students who join one, students at VJHS would likely love one.

When asked why he joined DECA, Boxley said, “I initially joined DECA because I wanted to be more involved with school, so I decided to join more clubs. DECA was one of these clubs and after some time had passed I fell in love with the club. Since then I have participated in three DECA conferences and will be in five more by the end of this year.”

He also said that he was very surprised at becoming vice president, stating that he “campaigned for two days before they (the students) were able to vote and there were hundreds of people there who didn’t know who I was until I was there campaigning. After my name was announced I didn’t realize the impact that I had made within those two days.”

After he became vice president, Boxley gained multiple new responsibilities such as, “attending every state wide and nation wide conference, helping to organize and plan the Louisiana Fall Leadership Conference, setting goals for LADECA, making contacts to other chapters from around the state, attending executive council meetings, and encouraging other DECA members to do their best.”

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