FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Vidalia pastor Dr. Wes Faulk preaches Sunday morning to an empty church. The service was broadcast on Facebook and Youtube as the church campus is currently closed due to the Coronavirus. (Sentinel photo by Jenn Faulk)


At First Baptist Church Vidalia, Sunday worship was a little different than normal.

Along with ChristLife River Church in Vidalia and Hill Memorial Church in Ferriday, FBC Vidalia did not have services at their churches Sunday after having shut down its campus on Friday.

“It was our hope that our church family would still meet – not physically but online,” said Dr. Wes Faulk, senior pastor at FBC Vidalia. "Our prayer going into this Sunday was that people would still encounter God, would be able to worship, would hear the Word of God, would be able to give, and would interact to encourage one another – all online. And that’s just exactly what happened.”

Faulk preached to an empty sanctuary on Sunday, a first in the history of FBC Vidalia. Associate pastor Jase Ellis led in worship from the piano, and Daniel Davis and Hank Marling, two of FBC Vidalia’s deacons, worked on the technological side, ensuring that everything that happened in the sanctuary would be accessible to the community on both Facebook and YouTube.

"It was a worshipful time full of hope in a season of many uncertainties," Faulk said.

Faulk admonished his congregation and those in the community “who tuned in that we must not fear what is up ahead. Whether or not the coronavirus has a major impact on our city and our community, our faith and our hope is in Christ, who is our very life and our eternal security.” Faulk concluded his message by extending an invitation "for listeners to know Christ and to trust Him.”

“Our hope is that life will return to normal here in the Miss-Lou very soon,” Faulk said this week. “Until then, we will continue to be active online during worship, taking it week by week, serving and trusting God.”

You can connect with FBC Vidalia and Dr. Faulk both online and by phone as the staff continues to work during the week.

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