Ferriday Garden Club

FERRIDAY GARDEN Club members from left, Joy Irvin, Susanne Routon, Peggy June, Sherill Sasser, Dorothy Ulmer, LENA Bateman and Cora Morace celebrated Arbor Day by planting eight Loquat trees in the Louisiana Park on Louisiana Avenue. The group planted Loquat trees because they are fast growing, fruit producing evergreen that will feed many species of birds. 

Seven Ferriday Garden Club members joined together at Louisiana Park on Louisiana Avenue in downtown Ferriday to plant trees in celebration of Arbor Day.  National Arbor Day is celebrated in April but Louisiana Celebrates it in January because this is a good time to plant trees in our area of the country.

Arbor Day means tree day.  The Latin word for tree is arbor. True to its name, Arbor Day celebrates the preservation and planting of trees. In 1872, Julius Sterling Morton, a newspaper editor and former US secretary of agriculture, submitted a resolution to Nebraska's State Board of Agriculture to set aside one day dedicated to planting trees. After the board passed the resolution, more than one million trees were planted on the first official celebration of the day on April 10, 1872.  In 1972, former President Richard Nixon declared National Arbor Day to be celebrated on the last Friday in April. 

Ferriday Garden Club planted eight Loquat trees at the back of the Park.  This tree is a fast growing, shrubby evergeen which produces fruit and feeds many species of birds. City employees and one member of Ferriday Rotary Club assisted in the planting. 

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