Toys and groceries acquired through donations made to the Concordia Christmas Charity Fund will be distributed on Dec. 21 at 8 a.m. at the Ferriday High School cafeteria, according to Rena Pitts.

Donations made through early this week included:

Delta Bank, $1,000.

Concordia Bank, $1,000.

Tensas Bank, $500.

First Presbyterian Church, $250.

Lake St. John Exercise Group, $100.

George and Lynette Tanner, $400.

Krewe of Panola, $250.

Tri-Parish Panhellenic, $458.95.

Barry and Ann Maxwell, $250, in memory of Claire Maxwell and Evelyn Garrett.

New Morning Star Baptist Church, $100.

Pitts family, $300, in memory of Ray and L’il Ray.

Anonymous, $100.

Kally Dennig, $250, in memory of Tommy Dennig.

In 2018, 450 children ages 2 to 12 were given toys or gift cards, while 250 families and senior citizens were each given a bag of groceries 

The fund assisted approximately 700 people last Christmas, Pitts said.

Expenditures totaled $9,816.35 with $4,909.36 spent on toys and gift cards and $4,906.99 on food, including ham, garlic links, green beans, corn, sugar, rice, canned sweet potatoes, a large candy cane with candy inside it, cookies or a box of popcorn.  

Additionally, 20-plus walk-ins on the day of distribution were provided a bag of groceries, a gift card or a toy for the children.

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