New Ferriday High School principal

Kimberly Jackson

Kimberly Jackson admitted she has tossed and turned in her sleep in anticipation of the first day of school Friday.

The new Ferriday High principal has hit the ground running in preparing for the 2019-20 school year.

"We want to set the tone the first day of school," Jackson said. "And I want to keep the momentum going. Excellence is our goal and we have a plan of action."

Jackson graduated from Wilkinson County High School and attended Alcorn State, earning an undergraduate degree in agriculture while getting her Masters in education and education administration. She is pursuing her doctorate in organizational leadership

Jackson became interested in teaching when she was part of the AmeriCorps program in 2001.

"I developed a passion for wanting to be an educator," she said. "I take pride in seeing children learn.

She became a certified teacher and taught in Amite County in 2002.

Jackson became an administrator in Wilkinson County in 2009 and was elected as Wilkinson County superintendent in 2016.

When asked why go from a superintendent to a principal, Jackson said, "I don't see why not?"

And statistics also played a part in the change.

"The career span for superintendents is three-and-a-half years," she said.

Jackson said she was also ready to get involved in a school and a community.

"I want to instill in the children what a quality education can do for them. "In collaboration with teachers and parents, I want to provide Ferriday High students with what it means to be successful," she said.

"I am very impressed with Ferriday High School. I am thankful every morning when I pull up into the parking lot. This school is resource-rich.

“Ferriday High has all the tools for success. The community is excellent. I have had great response from the people and businesses. This is a very close knit community and I want to insure everyone that their children will have a adequate education and that every child has their own unique experience here and going beyond the scope of Ferriday High."

Jackson said her hobby is reading.

"I was told a long time ago that all the information you ever need to know is in a book," she said.

Jackson said when she found out she was selected as principal at Ferriday, she went to work gathering all the information she could on being an administrator in Louisiana.

"It's a big transition," she said. "And I have been studying up on the differences. We will focus a lot on tests. I want our students to make at least a 20 on their ACT so they can be eligible for TOPS."

Jackson, who has a 26-year old son named James and a 16-year-old daughter named Ikea and three grandchildren, will marry her fiance, Mickell Smith, in December.

But for now Jackson is preparing for her extended family.

"Everyone here seems eager to do what is right for the children and they have gone above and beyond," she said. "I am very excited to be at Ferriday High."

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Being born and growing up, for part of my life, in Wilkinson County, I was blinded by many of the things going on in the community. Wilkinson County has grown into a community that is full of ignorance and mess. It is one of the poorest counties in Mississippi and the United States according to this website:

Former Superintendent Jackson was the target of many individuals in the community but also had support from the white community and some of the African American community. The Board of Education in Wilkinson County is made up partially of a group that follows on the coat tails of the vice president, who is never present at any board meeting, and does not have an ounce of education experience. He knows nothing in the field of education but has a double doctorate degree in starting mess and keeping up confusion. If it were not for Board Member Boyd, the state would have taken the entire district over years ago under one of the superintendents the previous poster speaks of. The Vice President of the Board of Education is the reason why many of the people that were allied with the former Superintendent of Education are no longer in the district. He has a problem with a woman that does a superb job. I am one of the causalities, however, I am now making an exponential amount more of money in my current position. I understand that Ms. Kimberly M. Jackson is also making more money in her current position. It is also my understanding that the former superintendent did not want to be appointed as the superintendent after her elected term. It is important for individuals to get the correct information before posting to a public forum. The former superintendent overstated the length of tenure for a superintendent, the actual length is 3.2 years according to the website listed here:

The former superintendent was indeed informed that the school district would be searching for a superintendent in January of this year. It is part of public record and published in the Woodville Republican.

The information that "CJ" posts is definitely not correct. Before former superintendent Johnson, the Wilkinson County Board of Education was a white district. Please do your research and identify yourself so that the public can see the ignorance behind the pseudonym.

People from Centreville are just like those of Woodville and any other area as referenced in my first paragraph.

The people of Concordia Parish are extremely lucky to have an educator with the experience of Principal Jackson and I am sure that they have been welcoming so far.

Have a blessed day.




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