Concordia Parish Library invites you to join virtual story time with three of your favorite princesses on Thursday, June 11.

Concordia Bank & Trust, Inc. will assist again this year to provide great programming for young readers each Thursday during the summer.

The Petite Princess Company of Baton Rouge is excited for the opportunity to share virtual video entertainment for summer readers. Three different princesses will be featured on June 11, known by their fairytale names of the Snow Queen, the Little Mermaid and the New Orleans Princess.

The Snow Queen hails from the Kingdom of Arendelle, which is located in what we know as the country of Norway. Her program begins by discussing some of the customs of Norway such as foods they eat, games they play and interesting facts about the geography of the area.

She then reads two stories that reflect her adventures and trials of isolation and redemption as a young queen.

The Little Mermaid is everyone’s favorite sea siren, joining us on land to delight readers with tales of her adventures under the sea. She is very focused on educating children about ocean conservation and also fun facts about several of the creatures she shares the ocean with.

Did you know Louisiana has a native princess? The New Orleans Princess is based on the real life story of famed New Orleans chef, Leah Chase.

Through hard work and dedication to family and her cooking skills, she became an international success. This princess shares stories of local Louisiana cuisine and cooking customs.

This virtual event will be available all day Thursday, June 11, for young readers, so click from the library’s webpage, or Facebook page. Listen to virtual stories from these enchanted princesses!

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