Main Street

ATTENDING THE Main Street workshop were Lena Bateman, Ferriday Garden Club; Becky Ann McKeel-Brown Albert, Court Clerk; Mayor Sherrie Jacobs McMahon, Jamie Gossett Bradford, Grant Clerk; Sherrill Sasser, Ferriday Garden Club.

Representatives from the Town of Ferriday and members of the Ferriday Garden Club attended a Louisiana Main Street workshop held January 22-24 in Franklin.

Ray W. Scriber, MArch, MBA, Director, Louisiana Main Street, Louisiana Division of Historic Preservation made the 2-day program available to both those towns already designated as “Main Street Communities” and those desiring to attain that designation.

The Main Street approach is divided into four components: Economic Vitality, Design, Promotion, and Organization.

The first step for Ferriday will be to become re-activated as a Certified Local Government status. The town already has an established historic preservation district plat.

Ordinances, commissions, and application packets must be researched and completed.

According to representatives, the last time the Town of Ferriday applied for Main Street status, there were only three spots available and Ferriday was #4. This time, the spot is saved for Ferriday #1. It is going to take a plethora of paperwork, time, and volunteers to make this happen.

Becoming a Main Street Community will eventually create a bustling downtown where grants will be available for renovations and revitalization, according to representatives of the group. At some point there will be a town hall meeting to discuss what must be done and begin to fill leadership roles and committee members.

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