Four Vidalia High junior high students were found with possession of prescription drugs during an investigation on Monday, Sept. 24, said Vidalia Police Public Relations Officer Miranda Clifton.

Clifton said that at “approximately 12:10 p.m. a school official at Vidalia Junior High notified the Vidalia Police Department’s Junior High School Resource Officer of a rumor that students were passing out and taking prescription medicine. The SRO advised Vidalia Police Department Investigators and an investigation was immediately initiated."

Concordia Parish School Superintendent Whest Shirley said the students had a hearing with Brenda Moore, director of child welfare and attendance.

"Usually once a semester some kids will bring pills they shouldn't and they get suspended," Shirley said. "No one took any and none were sold, to my knowledge."

Shirley said the school has to go by state statute in such a situation.

"If you have a drug it can be up to a year at alternative school," he said. "If you're selling it, it can be up to two years."

Clifton said during the course of the investigation, investigators found four juveniles in possession of prescription drugs and other juveniles who had admitted to ingesting the prescription drugs while at school. The pills that were recovered by investigators were identified as a prescription drug for guanfacine hydrochloride that is for ADHD, and for menstrual pain relief.

Parents of the juveniles were notified and EMS was called to evaluate the juveniles.

Four juveniles who are students at Vidalia Junior High School were charged with possession of a legend drug without a prescription then released to their parents.

“This is a very serious matter and thank God there were not any terrible repercussions for the juveniles who took the prescription drugs," said Vidalia Police Chief Joey Merrill. "I ask parents, grandparents, or anyone who has visitors in their homes to keep track of or lock up your prescription medicine. If you want to remove old or unused medicine from your home please feel free to bring it to Vidalia Police Department as we partner with the DEA on a drug take back program.”

No further information can be released at this time as the investigation is ongoing, Clifton said.

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