Richard K. Yancey

A LETTSWORTH man has been fined $10,250 after illegally killing a Louisiana black bear in the Richard K. Yancey Wildlife Management Area in lower Concordia Parish. (Concordia Sentinel photo)

A Lettsworth man will have to pay $10,250 in civil restitution after a judge found him guilty of illegally killing a Louisiana black bear. There is no season set for black bear in Louisiana.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries argued before an administrative law judge that Ronald J. Kimble, 30, of Lettsworth, shot and killed a bear on the Richard K. Yancey Wildlife Management Area (WMA) on Nov. 26, 2017. The Yancey WMA is located in Concordia Parish and is owned by the LDWF.

According to an LDWF Enforcement investigation, an LDWF biologist in Concordia Parish received a mortality signal from a radio collar known to be on a female black bear. Agents went to the point of origin for the radio signal and found the dead bear wearing a radio collar.

A department veterinarian determined the bear had been shot twice with a large caliber weapon.

During the investigation, LDWF agents interviewed a person who admitted he had shot the bear because he thought it was a wild hog.

LDWF enforcement agents arrested him on Jan. 9, 2018. He was booked on counts of taking a bear during a closed season and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Administrative Law Judge John Herke revoked Kimble’s hunting and fishing licenses until he pays the assessed restitution of $10,000 and attorney fee.

LDWF General Counsel Yolanda Martin demanded the civil restitution required by state law and LDWF attorney Alvin F. Landry prosecuted the case.

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