The Ferriday Town Council discussed personnel on the first meeting under newly elected mayor Rydell Turner, voting down Turner's recommendation of Anna Ferguson as town attorney.

Turner presented Ferguson as town attorney, but Gloria Lloyd, Andre Keys and Brandi Bacon voted against her appointment, while Gail Pryor and Elijah "Stepper" Banks voted yes.

Current attorney Myisha Davis agreed to continue serving the town until Turner can appoint an attorney.

Banks, who returned to the board after losing by two votes four years ago, brought up an issue he discussed previously concerning making the chief of police an elected position.

Banks said he has contacted the legislative auditor's office about making that an elected position in Ferriday.

"You came before the board seven years ago asking about that and the legislative auditor told the board we cannot afford an elected chief," Lloyd said. "The town would have its budget and the police department would have its budget."

Lloyd and Banks continued the brief confrontation, with Lloyd asking Banks if she would need to get a state trooper to have him removed if he did not stop interrupting her.

State Representative Travis Johnson stood and informed Banks that he is allowed to ask any questions he wants directed to the legislative auditor, but he could not mandate a proposal without a proper vote from the board.

Lloyd asked about Turner's appointment of Alex Promise as economic developer and Emerson Slain as chief administrative officer.

Lloyd told Turner he needed to follow protocol and have the board vote on such hires.

Turner said because those positions were not department heads, he did not have to go before the board.

The board also spent 20 minutes discussing trailers.

Lloyd suggested enforcing an ordinance that was put in place in 2017.

"We need to start enforcing the law," Lloyd said. 

The board agreed to discuss an ordinance and to take under advisement appointing a zoning committee.

Keys moved to appoint current Assistant Police Chief Herman Curry as police chief. Turner appointed former Ferriday Police Chief Margaret Lawrence as interim chief for 90 days.

The motion died for a lack of a second. Pryor said the board should wait until after Lawrence serves her 90 days.

Turner said he plans on appointing Curry as chief after Lawrence serves her time.

Banks, who served as Miss-Lou Small Farmers Cooperative Inc., director in the past, asked about a Farmer's Market for Ferriday.

No vote was taken on the subject.

The board approved the purchase of a police unit.

The board also approved an occupational license for Da Clothez Box.




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