Kippy Blaney

This year's 2021 Grand Marshall Kippy Blaney has lived in the Miss-Lou 62 years. Born in Natchez but lived in Concordia Parish 44 years.

He was 16 years old before he ever saw Lake St John but fell in love with it and always planned on making it home. When he was a teenager, he and his best friend Ricky Prescott rode around the lake listening to Willie and Waylon sing "Let’s go to Luckenbach Texas" and always dreamed of having a place on the lake named Luckenbach.

He lost Ricky at the young age of 24 but he never gave up on their dream. His family bought their property on Lake St John in 1978 and he and his wife Kari made it their dream and have lived 13 years at Luckenbach on beautiful Lake St John. His family goes back in the Miss-Lou for over 125 years.

Kippy helped his dad Charlie and Mom Dora start Blaney’s Oilfield Specialty and he has worked 44 years in the oilfield. He serves on the Lake St John Board, the Fireworks Committee and the Parish Economic Development Board. He always with the help of good friends on his boat and barge gets thousands of pounds of trash and boards out of the lake every year for cleanup day. 

     Kippy and Kari have four children together. a daughter Emily (Cade) and 3 sons Chad (April), Wesley (Robyn) and Chase (Sarah Lindsey) and he has them to thank for the 9 grandkids Silas, Selah, Sydney, Tucker, Laney Claire, Tinley, John Graham, Sunny and Caleb. 

    Kippy says the lake has changed so much in the last 10 years and has really become a neighborhood and one big happy family. The Lily Pad and Spokane along with the Duck Nest creates a community center to meet and socialize.

It's also not uncommon to see five maybe 10 boats tied together in a Red Neck Yacht Club playing music, maybe cooking and just floating enjoying the sunshine. It is not surprising that people from hundreds of miles away are finding out about our little piece of heaven and making it their get-away or their new home. 

     He asks to thank the many sponsors that made this years' flotilla one of the best ever and thanks to Milton Rawles for keeping us in touch through his newsletter. To be added to the newsletter please write

Kippy ask to give special thanks to Kari Blaney, Tammy Hendricks, Melissa Brown, Newt Willis, Milton Rawles, Susan and Cameron Harris, Mike Cook, Todd Broussard and Joe Bryan, Steve Kaiser and Steve's brother for the unseen hours they spend working to make this lake the special place it is. 

     Thanks also to Sheriff David Hedricks and the employees of The Sheriff Department for unseen help, for patrolling our lake and the use of the Lake St John community center.

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