Looking over plans

LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT of Transportation Secretary Dr. Shawn Wilson (left) and Rep. C. Travis Johnson look over plans for the Delta Bike Trail.

Louisiana Secretary of Transportation Dr. Shawn Wilson and DOTD Area Director Ken Free met with Rep. C. Travis Johnson on Monday to discuss the initial phase of the Delta Bike Trail.

The Delta Bike Trail has been one of Johnson’s priorities since 2020 when he passed legislation to conduct an economic study for a bike trail along the Mississippi River and through the district.

He said the study came back favorable. 

“Bike trails contribute about  $87 billion to the tourism industry,” Johnson said, noting that “this area would benefit tremendously from this investment.”

Secretary Wilson viewed one potential area to start the trail and discussed how to connect it from the Vidalia Riverfront to downtown Ferriday.

“This is promising,” Johnson said.

He said he will be releasing more information in the coming months on ground breaking.

“Our goal over the next few years is to plan to have one of the state’s longest bike trails which will go all the way from Vidalia to East Carroll,” Johnson said. “The trail will have to be pieced together and we will start the first piece from Vidalia to Ferriday.”

He said this will “attract many tourists to our area and become one of the many much needed economic boosters. Agriculture, recreation, hunting and fishing are foundations of our community and we must build upon these  and focus on how to build rural economies in the 21st century.”

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