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The Concordia Parish Police Jury voted Monday night to fine its garbage collector due to repetitive missed routes.

That action was taken during the Jury’s regular monthly meeting.

Jurors voted last year to implement the fine procedure of its contract with Waste Pro. The fine -- $350 -- will be deducted from the bill as a credit, Jury Secretary-Treasurer Sandi Burley said.

Juror Brad Adams said Monday night that he is receiving daily complaints from residents in the Monterey area over garbage not being picked up.

He said that pickup along Hwy. 907 did not occur as scheduled on Friday.

Adams said he reported that to Waste Pro on Saturday and the garbage was picked up on Monday. He said the lapse in scheduled pickups has happened multiple times in the past and that residents are irate.

Per the Jury’s contract, Waste Pro can be fined “if the garbage is not picked up within 24 hours of being reported,” Burley said.

Additionally, jurors agreed to look into purchasing a knuckle boom truck. Burley will prepare a cost analysis on the cost of the truck, worker’s compensation and staffing.

In another matter, jurors approved a motion to give secretary-treasurer the authority to send a letter to the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office requesting that the Jury be notified when the fire alarm goes off at the courthouse. When the fire alarm is triggered, a Jury employee will be sent to reset the system alarm.

The fire alarm was activated over the weekend but the Jury was not notified, Burley said.

As a safety protocol, Burley said, when “the fire alarms are activated and not properly reset, the main air circulation to the entire courthouse is shut off.” Additionally, outside doors open when the alarm is triggered to allow emergency personnel to enter the building.

Jurors also discussed repairs needed at the courthouse.

Burley said the “water intake to the chiller is pumping brown water into the system which is basically acting like sandpaper to the mechanics.  The intake needs to be replaced, but we already figured that there is a broken pipe somewhere,” which will require repair of some of the water pipes.

The Jury had asked that quotes to patch and repair the system be sought, but is also looking into grant funding for new chiller system.

A water intake pump is also needed.

In other action, the Jury reappointed Linda Gardner to a three-year term on the Atchafalaya Trace Commission.

Additionally, the Finance Committee, rejected a reimbursement request by the coroner.

The committee reported: “Using the guidelines provided by the DA’s office to the Parish and the Coroner, each line-item request was reviewed. Those items that did not fit into the guidelines were rejected. The additional expenses will place the line item on the budget in an overage that will be reviewed during the fourth quarter budget review.”

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