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CONCORDIA PARISH soybeans acreage topped all other crops combined in 2020, while overall crop acreage totaled 153,472 acres, the highest since 2016. (Concordia Sentinel file photo) 

Concordia Parish soybean farmers harvested 114,349 acres in 2020 with the average yield per acre totaling 65 bushels. 

Soybeans acreage topped all other crops combined, while overall crop acreage totaled 153,472 acres, the highest since 2017. 

According to an LSU AgCenter yearend report, corn acreage in the parish totaled 18,997 with high yields of 191 bushels per acres. 

Cotton acreage in 2020 totaled 9,851 with the average yield of 1,100 pounds lint per acres. 

Acreage devoted to the rice crop amounted to 10,220 with yields averaging 175 bushels per acre. 

Grain sorghum acreage totaled only 55 with the yield an average of 85 bushels an acre. 

There was no wheat harvested this year. 

The five year average (2016-2020) for the major crops were as follows: 

Cotton, 11,883 acres, average yield of 1,027 pounds lint per acre. 

Corn, 16,251 acres, average yield of 184 bushels per acre. 

Grain sorghum, 666 acres, average yield of 88 bushels per acre. 

Soybeans, 112,553 acres, average yield of 56 bushels per acre. 

Wheat, 338 acres, average yield of 44 bushels per acre. 

Rice, 8,713 acres, average yield of 173 bushels per acre. 

The highest acreage per crop over the past five years was: 

Cotton, 15,732 acres in 2017. 

Corn, 22,753 in 2016. 

Grain sorghum, 2,750 in 2016. 

Soybeans, 124,285 in 2018. 

Wheat, 666 in 2017. 

Rice, 11,833 in 2016. 

The highest yield per acre over the past five years was: 

Cotton, 1,108 pounds lint per acre in 2018. 

Corn, 192 bushels per acre in 2018 (just one bushel per acre higher than 2020). 

Grain sorghum, 98 bushels per acre in 2016. 

Soybeans, 65 bushels per acre in 2020. 

Wheat, 52 bushels per acre in 2016. 

Rice, 175 bushels per acre in both 2019 and 2020. 

According to the U.S Farm Service Agency in a report issued this month, 2020 planted acres (included failed acres) totaled 244,144,250 in the U.S. 

Corn acreage was the highest nationally at 88,574,040 followed by soybeans at 82,001,063. 

Louisiana’s total planted acreage in 2020 (including failed acres) totaled 2,698,304, including 491,437, corn; 163,702, upland cotton; 1,521, oats; 476,513, rice; 7,838, sorghum; 1,042,482, soybeans; 496,291, sugarcane; and 18,519, wheat. 

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