The Vidalia Board of Aldermen on 3-2 votes hired a policeman and approved a department head during a special meeting Tuesday after one alderman changed her vote.

Mayor Buz Craft had previously recommended Ricky Roth as head of the town’s utility department.

Two weeks ago, on a 3-2 vote, aldermen rejected Roth for the job. Tommy Probst, Robert Gardner and Rosa Demby voted against Roth while Jon Betts and Brent Smith voted for him.

But during Tuesday’s special meeting, Demby changed her vote and joined with Betts and Smith in supporting Roth.

Before that vote was taken, Gardner offered a motion that Cornell Lewis be hired to the post, but both the mayor and town attorney George Murray said Gardner’s motion was not in order.

Gardner and Probst voted again not to hire Roth.

On another matter, Spencer McAllister was hired as a replacement hire for the Vidalia Police Department.

Betts, Smith and Demby voted in support.

During the regular meeting two weeks ago, Demby opposed hiring McAllister. But she changed her vote on this matter as well, joining Betts and Smith in supporting McAllister at Tuesday’s special meeting.

Probst and Gardner voted against hiring Roth two weeks ago and voted the same on Tuesday.

Police Chief Joey Merrill recommended hiring McAllister as the replacement School Resource Officer for Vidalia schools. He said the officer’s pay had previously been approved in the town’s budget.

Additionally, he said McAllister is post-certified for the position.

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