The Concordia Parish Police Jury is asking the Black River Lake Committee to review and respond to questions concerning a possible ban of wake surf boats on the waterway.

During the Jury’s regular meeting Monday night, jurors referred the issue to the committee for review and suggestions.

C. Todd Blackman of Monterey sent a letter asking if a proposal could be considered banning wake surf boats.

Blackman wrote these vessels “use large ballast tanks in the hull which are filled with water to create a very large wake, sometimes several feet high, to ski or surf behind. The issue is that due to the narrow nature of BRL (Black River Lake) these wakes do not have an opportunity to dissipate prior to reaching the shoreline.

“This is creating irreparable damage to the shoreline but is also damaging boathouses and watercraft moored within those boathouses.”

While Blackman acknowledged that the lake is a public waterway for all citizens, he said the use of wake surf boats “gives individuals the right to damage personal property without recourse.”

He asked for a public meeting, saying that he would be willing to start a petition or lobby the legislature to get this issue before the proper governing authority.

Blackman requested guidance and asked if the Black River Lake Committee had jurisdiction over the issue.

In other action, the Jury agreed pay half of the $21,000 estimated cost to spray for hyacinth on Black Lake, which the Jury is leasing to John McCrory for $17,000 annually over five years.

McCrory told jurors in an email that he was “having issue with hyacinth on the property. We have a plan of action to control it, but it includes a triple herbicide aerial application that will cost in excess of what the lease costs per year.”

He asked if there were environmental restrictions that would disallow a herbicide application and he asked if the Jury would help him offset the cost.

Jurors supported Collin Edwards motion to pay $10,500 of the $21,000 cost to spray the lake.

The Jury will pay its share of the spraying from its drainage fund.

Additionally, the Jury is looking on solutions for spraying other waterways under its jurisdiction.

In other business, the Jury following a public hearing, established a 15 mph speed limit on LS. Wade Road.

Occupational and/or liquor licenses were approved for:

Fuel Trac, 6298 Hwy. 129, Monterey, alcohol permit, change in ownership (Taunton’s).

Fuel Trac Marina, 3878 Hwy. 129, Monterey, alcohol permit/change in owner (Marina).

Karl’s Lounge, 9861 Hwy 84 W., Ferriday, alcohol permit.

USAVE #2, 2215 Hwy. 568, Ferriday, new business/alcohol permit.

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