Fred Butcher was elected president and John Bostic re-elected as vice-president of the Concordia Parish School Board Thursday night (Jan. 9).

Also at the meeting, board members indicated they would consider giving themselves a 38% pay hike at the February meeting.

Butcher replaces Rev. Raymond Riley as president. Riley has held the post since 2014.

Warren Enterkin nominated Butcher for president.

Supporting Butcher on the vote were Enterkin, Dorothy Parker, Derrick Carson, Angela Hayes and Butcher. Voting against were John Bostic, Lisette Forman and Ricky Raven.

Raven nominated vice-president John Bostic for the president position. Supporting Bostic on the vote were Raven, Forman and Bostic, while voting against were Enterkin, Parker, Butcher, Carson and Hayes.

Riley abstained on both votes.

Afterward, Bostic was re-elected vice-president by acclamation.

After the vote, Butcher thanked Riley for his service as president, noting that he “did a great job.”

On another matter, Forman offered a motion for the board to consider raising each board member’s pay from $650 monthly to $900 -- a $250 monthly raise or $3,000 annually. Riley seconded the motion.

Voting for the pay raise were Enterkin, Parker, Carson, Riley and Forman.

Raven and Bostic voted against, while Butcher abstained.

Board members currently receive $7,800 annually, or $650 per month. A raise in salary of $250 monthly would increase a board member’s pay to $10,800 annually, a 38% increase.

The board president makes an additional $50 per month.

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