Veller Ray Carroll

Mayor Veller Ray Carroll defeated former alderman Connie Adair by 10 votes (85 to 75) in Saturday’s primary election to keep his seat in Ridgecrest.

Carroll became interim mayor after Robert Maples resigned in June.

Ridgecrest held a special meeting Monday morning after failing to have a quorum at its regular meeting Oct. 8. During the meeting, Carroll said he was ready to move forward and work with the people of Ridgecrest.

“My main goal is to get good water for the people of Ridgecrest,” Carroll told the Sentinel on Tuesday. “I’m going keep a close eye on the plant and will receive daily reports on the operation.”

Carroll said he was going to be hands-on in the upkeep and operation of Ridgecrest’s water plant. On Tuesday, Carroll ordered a potassium pump, polymer pump, two water softening controls and chlorine applicators for the water plant.

Adair spoke at the special Ridgecrest meeting.

“Throughout this whole process, I have learned a lot about the people of Ridgecrest and the Village of Ridgecrest as a whole,” Adair said. “I also learned that in order to get to the top it takes a lot. You got to beat around the bush, you got to lie and you got to be a bully. I am not one of those things. Congratulations on being at the top.”

After her speech, Carroll asked Adair to continue her work with improvements at Ridgecrest Park.

“I am moving forward,” Carroll said. “We want to work together.”

Ridgecrest Park will be the site of the inaugural Halloween Bash. During the Oct. 31 event, children will be able to come trick-or-treat at the park. For more information or to donate candy, contact Adair who is event coordinator.

Meanwhile, officials are keeping a close eye on their aging water plant as they wait for word from Louisiana Community Block Grant officials on whether or not they will receive grant funding to tie in with Ferriday’s water system.

Ridgecrest is one of 60 applicants in the second stage of applying for part of a $20 million LCDBG allocated by the Office of Community Development. Final funding decisions will be announced in April.

Last month Ridgecrest was approved for a USDA loan/grant totaling $999,000. Money from the grant / loan was obligated for the tie in. Of the total amount approved by the USDA, $565,000 is a loan and $434,000 is a grant.

On another front, Ridgecrest’s limb and wood product dumpsite will be complete and ready for the citizens in two weeks, Carroll said. The dumpsite will be located in the back of Ridgecrest in an old sewer pond.

“This will save us money,” Carroll said. “Instead of paying someone to pick up the limbs, we will have our own dumpsite.”

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