Recent heavy rains that washed chicken and goat waste into ditches near Cowan Street are to blame for the putrid smells invading Ridgecrest’s hind area.

In recent weeks, residents have voiced concerns on social media sites and at Ridgecrest’s monthly meetings over the smell and possible health problems that may arise from exposure to the waste.

Mayor Veller Ray Carroll said Ridgecrest’s sewer system has recently passed Department of Environment Quality inspections.

“We are on top of our sewer” issues, Carroll said. “We do have a sewer pump down, but it is being fixed. That sewer pump has nothing to do with the smells. DEQ has passed Ridgecrest’s sewer system with flying colors.”

Ridgecrest’s sewer system is inspected twice a day, Carroll said. But, he did acknowledge when heavy rains come into the area, waste from the chicken and goat farm might reach nearby ditches.

“I can’t control the weather,” he said. “If people would like the DEQ (sewer) report, I’ll give it to them.”

Concordia Parish Sewerage District #1 has recently gone through a major repair to its sewer plant, said Debi Duncan, district manager. A cast iron flange was replaced at the plant when a leak was discovered.

“The leak is completely fixed,” Duncan said. “This was a long-term fix, and everything was replaced with new parts. This was a major deal for us.”

Officials from DEQ have signed off on the repairs, Duncan said.

“The leak at our sewer plant did not cause the smell in Ridgecrest,” Duncan said.

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