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Almost two months after being named police chief of Ferriday, Herman Curry turned in his resignation Tuesday, citing differences with Mayor Rydell Turner as a key reason.

"Over the past eight months (six as interim chief) we have been working hard to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Ferriday," Curry said. "But the current administration has allowed petty differences to hinder that progress. There's debris still on the ground from the storms and there's still fighting with the board of aldermen.”

Curry said the “only bright light has been the Ferriday Police Department. We've been doing positive things, and just completed a successful program in the school."

The Sentinel attempted to reach the mayor this morning for comment, but he did not return phone calls.

Curry said the mayor recently questioned his (Curry’s) loyalty.

"There are people in this department who have been here 15 years or so who don't want change," Curry said. "They come to work checking on someone they know, not wanting to do anything. They are not professional at all.

“They do not want to go to training. They fight it tooth and nail. And they are spewing venom the whole day. Then they are telling the mayor things that is eroding his confidence in me. You can only have one person as police chief making decisions such as deployment, assignments and who works when.

“I have not been able to make those decisions so it makes me ineffective. We couldn't have a happy medium, so it's time for me to go. That's in the best interest for all concerned."

Curry was raised in Ferriday and graduated from Sevier High in 1968.

He attended college in Michigan and retired from the Air Force as a Colonel.

Curry, who has 30 years of experience in law enforcement, retired as Deputy Chief with the Detroit Police Department.

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