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Clayton aldermen will consider Mayor Josephine Washington’s proposed 2020-2021 budget, which includes numerous cuts, during a special meeting on June 16 at 7 p.m.

Aldermen reviewed the proposed budget during their regular meeting Tuesday night. The group advised Mayor Josephine Washington it needed more time to review the numbers.

“We need to study over this before we can submit this budget,” said Aldermen Willie Evans. “We’ll study and come back in to make a final draft.”

In the proposed budget, Clayton officials project total town income at $76,205.32 while expenses amount to $164,324.95.

Clayton’s largest revenue source next year will be in its $32,634.47 garbage collection followed by fines and DWI income at $26,474, according to the proposed budget.

In the proposed budget, Clayton projects income from franchise taxes to be $11,401.07, ad valorem taxes to be $6,572.57 and beer tax to be $807.57.

Salaries are cut drastically compared to last year’s budgeted $112,490.21. If passed, Clayton will have $79,844 next year to spend on employee salaries.

Also taking a cut are repairs and maintenance and office supplies. Repairs and maintenance are cut to $582.84 from last year’s total of $3,011.30. Clayton officials budgeted $339.76 for office supplies compared to the previous year’s total of $1,548.41.

Auto and truck expenses will take a nearly $4,000 annual cut if the budget passes. The category has a $2,650.94 budget compared to last year’s $6,511.65.

Even with the cost saving measures in place, Clayton’s proposed budget shows a $2,029.23 loss in net income.

Meanwhile, aldermen unanimously adopted a 3.640 millage set by Concordia Police Jury. Alderman Wilbert Washington made the motion with a second from Shannon Madison.

In other action, alderman agreed to sell a two-wheel-drive tractor for $2,500.

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