The Clayton Board of Aldermen and Mayor Wilbert Washington discussed several upcoming grants at their regular meeting Tuesday night.

Grants discussed included the Community Water Enrichment Funding (CWEF), Louisiana Government Assistance Program (LGAP) and a USDA Community Development Revitalization grant. The CWEF and LGAP grants have a submittal deadline of Feb. 1.

Washington said with a possible CWEF grant funding, Clayton could have money to repair or replace a pump at its water treatment plant.

“We are in dire need to replace that pump,” Washington said.

CWEF was established in the 2008 Louisiana regular session. Its intent is to provide a source of funding to aid units of local government solely for the purpose of rehabilitation, improvements and construction projects for community water systems.

A new zero-turn mower or tractor for Clayton could possibly be purchased with monies from a LGAP grant, Washington said.

At the start of each fiscal year, the executive director of the Office of Community Development determines equal LGAP funding for all eligible parishes. Applications are accepted for fire protection, sewer, water, renovations to essential governmental buildings, police protection, land acquisition, demolition, equipment, roads and drainage.

“We don’t want to miss an opportunity for these funds,” Washington said.

The Community Development Revitalization grant is for small businesses that need improvement and for people who want to start a small business, Washington said.

“We hadn’t used it in a long time,” Washington said. “I am going to a meeting with USDA (representatives) next week and find out how to administer this grant.”

Meanwhile, Washington will meet with representatives who want to possibly lease land to install a cell phone tower in Clayton.

Clayton at one time had a tower at their industrial park but sold the land. Washington called the possible lease an opportunity to make money for Clayton.

“Don’t think we are in a position to turn down money,” Washington said.

Additionally, aldermen adopted a resolution appointing Washington as local director of the Louisiana Municipal Gas Board. The board meetings quarterly and discusses topics pertaining to natural gas.

The resolution also appointed Alderwoman Michelle Bethea as alternative director.

In other action, aldermen named the Concordia Sentinel as the town’s official journal.

Also, GiGi’s Diner in Clayton will be having a free Thanksgiving dinner Nov. 17 for senior citizens. Anyone who would like to volunteer to help or donate needs to go by the diner.

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