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The Concordia Parish School Board agreed Thursday (May 7) to retroactively pay approximately 20 employees whose services have been required during the Covid-19 pandemic.

That action came during the board’s regular meeting via Zoom, which included 40 participants overall.

During April, the board approved paying janitors $17.50 per hour for their work during the pandemic. They have been working four to eight hours weekly to cut and trim grass as well as check on school property, according to Superintendent Whest Shirley.

Janitors also are continuing to receive their regular pay as are other school employees who have not worked since schools were closed.

Board members also agreed at the meeting last week to pay other employees who have been required to continue perform their regular duties inhouse, including secretaries, payroll clerks, bookkeepers, and sales tax department employees. They also will be paid retroactively for the time they have worked since the pandemic began.

Shirley said Monday their pay scale is being determined.

In other action, the board discussed work already underway and work planned to prepare for providing long distance learning to students.

Shirley will present a plan at the June meeting that outlines how to continue school during bad weather events such as ice storms and during pandemics which result in the closing of school facilities.

He said the school system will receive some federal and state funding to help achieve the goals of providing technical and internet access for teachers and students via internet platforms by August when the next school year would normally begin.

“Hopefully, over the summer we can train teachers with Zoom and Google classroom information,” he said. “We need to get the teachers prepared.”

He said work on this plan has been underway for two months.

In other action, the board voted to name the Vidalia Junior High Gym in honor of the late Coach Charles C. Johnson.

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