Riverland Medical Center received a positive audit from for fiscal year 2019-20, according Administrator Sam Ellard.

The only finding concerned segregation of duties, a finding that has been included since 2007.

"We feel like we have such a structured internal control in place where that is not a problem,” said Ellard. "Being a small facility, we can't afford to have as many people as they want us to have."

According to Eide Bailly of Eide Bailly LLP, Riverland had an increase of cash totaling $2.5 million for the fiscal year.

"You have a positive operating margin and influx of cash," Vide said. "Things are trending in the right direction."

Operating revenue for Riverland in 2019 was $18,237,449 while total expenses were $17.761,681.

"There have been a lot of new things and we anticipate a lot of uniqueness” concerning the new hospital now under construction, Bailly said.

This is the first year for Eide Bailly LLP to serve as Riverland's CPA.

"With all the funding for the new hospital we wanted to hire one of the best firms because we knew it was getting extremely complex," Ellard said.

"We were just one notch off of being perfect," said Riverland Board Chairman Jim Graves. "We're tickled to death with the audit."

For the month of May, Riverland Chief Financial Officer Spencer Holder said Riverland posted a profit of $559,364, with revenue at 2,600,210 and expenses at $1,426,826.

The board also approved resolutions to purchase Certificates of Deposit of no more than $1.5 million from Delta Bank and United Mississippi Bank.

The board approved policies and procedures for pharmacy, surgery, anesthesia, respiratory care, rehab, infection control/employee health, IOP and employee health and Covid-19.

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