The Concordia Parish voted during a special meeting Monday night to renew the contract of Superintendent Whest Shirley.

Eight board members supported the renewal with President Raymond Riley casting the lone “no” vote.

A three-member committee including Riley, board vice-president John Bostic and board member Derrick Carson will hash out details of Shirley’s contract.

The board first discussed Shirley’s contract renewal in executive session.

After returning to the open meeting, Bostic offered the motion to renew the contract with Ricky Raven seconding the motion. Voting in support were Warren Enterkin, Dorothy Parker, Fred Butcher, Carson, Bostic, Angela Hayes, Lisette Forman and Raven, while Riley voted against.

Butcher then offered a motion that the board add Carson, who is a lawyer, to a committee composed of the president and vice-president charged with negotiating Shirley’s contract. Parker seconded the motion.

Riley questioned whether a third person could be legally added to the committee.

According to a recording of the meeting, Riley also said that Butcher, who is superintendent of the Natchez-Adams County public schools, was “trying to run two school systems.”

“Rev. Riley,” Butcher responded, “I’m not trying to run two school systems.”

“Yes, you are,” Riley said. “You can’t have that much power, Mr. Butcher. If it was wrongful I’d ask you to resign because I know some things personally that you have done and said to teachers that have never come into this system and things that you’ve said to people trying to come into this system.”

The vote on Butcher’s motion followed. It passed on an 8-1 vote with Raven casting the lone vote against and Riley voting for it.

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