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Tropical Storm Delta, just hours after landing at Creole along the Louisiana coast as a Cat 2 hurricane, moved through northeastern Louisiana Saturday night felling trees, causing damage to some structures and knocking out electrical power.

But the storm was not as severe as Hurricane Laura six weeks ago which landed in Cameron Parish as a Cat 4 before causing extensive damage in this region, including power outages lasting several days for some areas.

According to the National Hurricane Center, at 4 a.m. Saturday the center of the storm was located at Harrisonburg at 31.8 N 91.8 W with maximum sustained winds of 45 mph. Moving north northeast at 16 mph, the exact location was along Kidron Road west of the Ouachita River and on the north side of Sargent Lake.

Three hours later at 7 a.m. the center of the storm was in East Carroll Parish between Epps and the Mississippi River.

A spokesman with the National Weather Service in Jackson, Miss., said on Monday that the highest winds in this area were recorded at 11:35 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 9, in Vidalia with a 60 mph gust.

The center of the storm passed over Concordia and Catahoula parishes as it moved through Tensas, Madison and East Carroll parishes before crossing into Mississippi.

Widespread gusts of 40 to 60 mph were recorded throughout the region.

Meteorologists said the storm had a large circulation.

Sheriff David Hedrick said Delta fell multiple trees in Monterey, Lake St. John and along Highway 84 west of Stacy.

He said one person on oxygen was assisted when power was lost at her residence.

“You couldn’t see 10 feet in front of your car,” Hedrick said of the wind and rain associated with the storm.

He commended his employees for their work during the emergency and said several prisoners under the direction of guards helped with sandbags.

“We were hit hard with winds and some areas are still without power Boggy Bayou area and Deer Park area,” Police Jury Secretary-Treasurer Sandi Burley said Monday morning. “Deer Park got slammed. Trees and poles were down and roofs taken off and trees on top of some of the camps.”

She said felled trees blocked some roads and drive.

“A lot of limbs have been pushed up on the side of the road to allow for traffic,” she said.

Entergy reported that the vast majority of its customers who experienced outages have had their electricity restored.

Lori Jackson with Concordia Electric Cooperative said that as of Monday morning there were 200 customers who were still without electricity.

“The outages were scattered around the service area, but 80 or so around Harrisonburg and north towards Enterprise,” she said. “LaSalle still has about 60 out and there are a few around the Deer Park/Shaw area and some in Vidalia/Dunbarton. For the most part, we are in good shape and were blessed in comparison to Laura.”


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