The Louisiana Department of Transportation is spelling it out for you – litter on our roadways is unsightly, unacceptable, preventable, and a drain on resources. You might notice the 3D letters “DOTD” spelled out along busy thoroughfares in the coming weeks, and filled with the same trash that is thrown out onto Louisiana’s roadways daily.

The purpose is to bring further attention to a dirty problem that’s already tough to overlook – trash and debris lining both interstates and rural highways in a state that prides itself on its natural resources and beauty.

The six foot tall 3D letters are being placed in all regions of the state as an ugly – but necessary - reminder that litter is not only trashy, but that abatement efforts are also expensive. DOTD spends approximately $9 million every year picking up an average of 63,000 cubic yards of litter. That money, for example, could be used to overlay about 90 miles of roadway instead, more than the distance between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Similar litter-filled letters have been used in campaigns across the country, urging residents and visitors to throw their trash in the appropriate receptacles and to properly secure loads in trucks and other vehicles. In Louisiana, it is illegal to allow a load to become loose and spill onto the highway (RS 32:383). Littering itself is also against the law and carries varying fines depending on the severity (RS 30:2531).

To report littering or dumpsites, call 888-LITRBUG (888-548-7284), which is the Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries’ anti-litter hotline. Keep Louisiana Beautiful, our state’s Keep America Beautiful affiliate, can help you become involved in clean-up efforts in your community.

DOTD’s Adopt-A-Road program also offers groups an opportunity to make a difference in their areas through the adoption of a particular roadway and support for ongoing clean-up operations. More information on that program can be found by clicking here.

DOTD is asking all communities to do their part in not littering, and reminding their neighbors to do the same. Additionally, if you see litter and it’s safe to do so, please pick it up.

DOTD says, “Let’s all help keep Louisiana beautiful.”

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