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The Concordia Parish Police Jury voted Monday night to enter into a cooperative agreement with the Fifth District Levee Board concerning the construction, maintenance and operation of the Brushy Bayou Drainage Structure along the Tensas River.

That action came during the Jury’s regular meeting.

The Police Jury is presently involved in securing permits and completing other requirements involved in its project to improve drainage. The structure is one of the main components of the project.

Concordia Economic District Executive Director Heather Malone outlined the agreement that will provide for the maintenance of the control structure once it is built and in operation.

The levee district board of directors previously approved the agreement.

According to the terms of the cooperative agreement, the Jury will be responsible for removal of any large debris that is causing blockage.

The Jury also will allocate $25,000 annually to an escrow account until it reaches a minimum of $250,000. The funds will come from the Jury’s drainage millage.

Funds from the account can be used for repairs and other expenses associated with the structure, but the minimum escrow balance of $250,000 must “be timely restored.”

The Jury will also furnish the levee board an electronic mail copy of bank statements concerning the escrow account.

An annual payment of $2,000 will be paid to the levee board for regular maintenance.

The levee district will operate the gates on the structure. The Jury will pay the levee board $400 each time the gates are opened and closed.

In other action, the Jury passed a resolution asking the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to lower the rock weir on Cocodrie Bayou to its original height.

Brant Jones with Jordan Kaiser and Sessions told jurors that the USFWS recently lowered the weir approximately two feet but that it is still three feet higher than its original design.

The Jury previously asked that USFWS reimburse the Jury for a $1,980 bill it incurred for surveying and mapping the weir located on the Cocodrie Bayou Wildlife Management area.

Jones said the weir is slowing drainage for about 34 percent of the northern end of parish totaling 110 square miles.

The Jury reported that the USFWS raised the weir without a permit from the Corps of Engineers.

USFWS reportedly uses the weir as a service road.

The Corps built the rock weir in 1954 as part of the ring levee construction, according to Bill Beasley, chairman of the parish’s drainage committee.

Jury President Jimmy Wilkinson said the weir, despite the recent work by USFWS, is still three feet higher than its original design.

In other action during the meeting, the Jury:

Awarded proposals for garbage pickup to Waste Pro, grant management to Rostan Solutions LLC and materials to T.J. Blaine and Two J Ranch.

Awarded Olsen Electric Co. the bid for electrical work at the Assessor’s office totaling $6,000. Although Olsen was not the low bidder, jurors awarded the company the work because it was based in Concordia Parish. Other bids came from Miss-Lou Electric, $7,050; and Natchez Heating & Cooling, $5,695.

Approved a proposal from Gallagher totaling $32,807 for Worker’s Compensation insurance. The other bidder was CCSMI at $36,235.

Approved an occupational license for The Creative Place, Misty Ellis, 4892 Hwy. 84, Vidalia.

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