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Early voting for the Nov. 16 general election begins in 10 days.

The early voting period will be Saturday, Nov. 2, through Saturday, Nov. 9, according to the Registrar of Voters.

The office will be closed on Sunday, Nov. 3

Early voting hours are 8:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. daily.

As of Oct. 26, there were 12,877 voters in the parish.

Voter registration continues online through Oct. 26.

Ballots for Concordia, Catahoula and Tensas parishes are as follows:


District 21 Representative

C. Travis Johnson, Democrat.

Glen B. McGlothin Jr., Independent.

Clerk of Court

Andy Anders, Democrat.

Phillip Webber, Independent.

Police Juror District 1A

Maruice Bachus Sr., Independent.

Carey H. Cook, Democrat.

Police Juror District 2

Willie J. Dunbar, Democrat.

Willie “Bill” Yearby, Democrat.

Police Juror District 3B

Cornell Lewis, No Party.

Allen “Scottie” Whittington, Republican.

Police Juror District 4A

Genesia S. Allen, Democrat.

Curtis “Wrecker” Nelson, Republican.

Police Juror District 4B

Lana Hawkins, Democrat.

Gary Wayne Neal, Republican.

Police Juror District 5A

Collin Edwards, Independent.

Jimmy Jernigan, Democrat.

Police Juror District 5B

Brad Adams, Republican.

Darrell Brigman, No Party.



Toney Edwards, Democrat.

Cedric Elias Martin, Democrat.

Police Juror District 3

Joseph L. “Bo” Aarons, Republican.

Glen McCormick, Republican.

Police Juror District 5

Donna Neal, Republican.

Rodney Sones, Independent.

Police Juror District 6

Jeffery Estis, Independent.

Jeremy Wood, Republican.


Police Juror District 1

Johnny Daves, Republican.

Larry W. Foster, Democrat.

Alex “Chip: Watson Jr., Democrat.

District 20 Representative

Kevin Bates, Republican.

Neil Riser, Republican.

District 21 Representative

C. Travis Johnson, Democrat.

Glen B. McGlothin Jr., Independent.



John Bel Edwards, Democrat.

Eddie Rispone, Republic.

Secretary of State

Kyle Ardoin, Republican.

Gwen Collins-Greenup, Democrat.

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