Jury presidents

NEWLY ELECTED Police Jury President Collin Edwards (pictured right) received the gavel from former President Joseph Parker, Sr. in Monday’s monthly meeting. (Sentinel photo by Joe Curtis)

Collin Edwards was elected to serve 2022 as Concordia Parish Police Jury president while Adam Probst remained vice president. 

Edwards, who was nominated by Police Jury member Willie Bill Yearby, was elected unanimously by his peers.

Nominated by Police Jury member Joseph Parker Sr., Probst was also elected unanimously by fellow jurors.

Edwards replaced Parker in the top post after he stepped down. Parker will remain Police Jury member of District 1B.

Parker called the move to step down from president “a hard decision” and thanked his fellow Police Jury members for “working with him.”

Police Jury presidents preside over meetings and serve as the head of  parish government. Vice president presides over meetings when the president is not able to attend.

Meanwhile, Police Jury members passed their annual budget with a general fund showing an ending balance of approximately $1.13 million.

General fund is a government’s revenues and expenditures used to finance daily and long-term operations as a whole.

2022 revenues are forecasted to total some $1.6 million while total expenditures are budgeted approximately $2.05 million. Putting the budget in a surplus are transfers amounting to $588,050. American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) funded the transfers.

Ad Valorem taxes are slighty up due to a reassessment year and revision to property values, according to the budget.

“Occupation licenses experienced a growth in 2021, and we are hoping to continue the trend in 2022 as more inventive business avenues are being sought during the pandemic,” wrote Sandi Burley in her budget statements.

The 2022 budget was effected negatively by continued decrease of severance taxes received due to current oil and gas prices which also effects allocations from state and federal revenue sharing.

Declines in interest income are also expected due to lower interest rate on investments as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, expenses have been narrowed due to an anticipated revenue decrease.

In other action, Police Jury members renewed Burley’s two-year term as Secretary / Treasurer and re-appointed LaJean Corbett to Concordia Parish’s Library Board.

Police Jury members unanimously agreed to both actions.

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