Ferriday Mayor Rydell Turner said Tuesday at the Ferriday Town Meeting that Saturday will be the last chance for citizens of the town to put out sofas, chairs, washing machines, mattresses, refrigerators or other such bulky items out to be picked up by the town.

The Town of Ferriday and the Ferriday Garden Club are sponsoring a clean-up day Saturday beginning at Rockabilly Plaza on First Street at 10 a.m.

Volunteers are asked to bring lawn mowers and weed-eaters, if possible.

Garbage bags and gloves will be available. Seven dumpsters will be placed in each aldermen’s district, including at the town barn off First Street, Hwy. 15, Kyle Road, by Montgomery Square and Aden’s.

“The DEQ has advised us we can no longer pick up anything but trash,” Turner said. “So once we do this Saturday, anyone setting out anything not appropriate will be fined.”

Turner said that once a month, dumpsters will be placed in each district for the public’s use. That day will be on the town’s Facebook page and will be announced by the Concordia Sentinel.

“We are encouraging everyone to come out,” Turner said.

“We need to come together as citizens,” said Alderwoman Gloria Lloyd. “We need to clean this town up. We may not get it all cleaned up, but it’s going to be a good start.”

The town approved going into a corporate endeavor with the Ferriday Garden Club for clean-up day.

Turner is also seeking volunteers to help clean up the town, including those with heavy machinery to work on the levee around the oxidation pond off Hwy. 15.

Turner also encouraged anyone with carpentry-type schools to volunteer in helping to clean up the town and make repairs.

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