The Ferriday mayor and board of alderman held their first meeting ever by teleconference on Thursday (April 16) during which they discussed whether disinfectant could be sprayed throughout town to protect against the coronavirus.

This new meeting format was held due to social distancing now required because of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Mayor Sherrie McMahon and all five aldermen were on line for the session.

Alderman Andre Keys said he talked with Tim Vanier of the Office or Emergency Preparedness for Concordia Parish about spraying disinfectant in the town due to the virus.

"Most of the cases in Concordia Parish are in Ferriday and Clayton," Keys said. "I want to focus on Ferriday.”

Keys said he discussed the possibility of “using the fire truck to spray mosquitoes to use a disinfectant against the virus.”

However, Vanier said Friday the spray could not be used from the back of a truck or through a mosquito sprayer.

"There is a ULV fogger that's between $300 and $500 and I asked GOHSEP (Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management) for three of them, but they shot me down," Vanier said. "You can spray houses and businesses, but it has to land on the surface. I am continuing to get information on this type of spray and will be in touch with towns in the parish."

The board also unanimously supported a resolution opposing legislation that would allow the state to collect local sales tax.

McMahon said the Louisiana Municipal Association requested the resolution.

The resolution urges each member of the legislative delegation for Concordia Parish to vigorously oppose any and all proposed legislation that would transfer the administration and collection of local sales and use taxes to the Louisiana Department of Revenue or some other central collector.

The board accepted occupational and alcohol license for B&W Sellers and a name change from TLC Bouncer & Things to Lewis Heating & Cooling LLC.

B&W Sellers purchased Taunton's in Ferriday, McMahon said.

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