The Ferriday Town Council asked its attorney to review a new ordinance concerning the destruction of condemned houses before proceeding.

That action came during a teleconference meeting Thursday, May 14.

The Town of Ferriday received a $35,000 LGAP grant to tear down condemned houses in Ferriday.

Clint Vegas, a volunteer for the town, has taken pictures of houses that need to be condemned. He has more than 50 houses listed in his folder.

"I figure we will be in the 60s," Vegas said.

Vegas, who owns Delta Fuel in Ferriday, said his company will donate the use of a dozer and track hoe.

He said he would like to see residents charged $250 to have the town tear down their house or building.

The town would have to pay the driver and the dumping fees.

The aldermen favored approving an ordinance on the subject but wanted attorney Myisha Davis to review the grant.

"If we charge $250 people are going to want to know what the $35,000 is for," said Alderwomen Gloria Lloyd. "I'm just looking out for the welfare of the town."

Alderwoman Chryl Smith-Lee also wanted to make sure residents whose properties are condemned are given proper notice before their property is torn down.

"We will and have sent out letters," said Ferriday Mayor Sherrie McMahon.

Davis said there are stipulations on what the grant can be used for.

"If Clint is willing to loan us the equipment, we need to start using it," said alderwoman Gail Pryor.

The board approved Margie Thomas moving a 2020 trailer on Martin Luther King. The Thomas' paid $250 to have their current property torn down.

The town is posting pictures of blighted properties on its Facebook page.

"The purpose of posting these is to attempt to find out who owns them," McMahon said. "Most are absentee landowners. They live all over the country. Sometimes the owner has died and there are many heirs.”

She said the town had “to do it slow and legal. We want to find the owner or heirs, send out certified letters and give them a certain amount of time to respond. They can present a plan to the board to fix up their house or sign a waiver to the town for demolition. We want our town back to the beautiful place it used to be."

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