The Vidalia Beautification Committee’s annual New Year’s Eve Fireworks will be held on New Year’s Day instead.

Fireworks will begin at 6:30 p.m., January 1, 2021, at the Vidalia Riverfront.

Sabrina Dore’, President of the Vidalia Beautification Committee and the Miss Lou Fireworks Organizer, said the decision to change the date was due to the potential for heavy storms and a tornado threat on New Year’s Eve and to thereby ensure the safety of spectators, the barge service staff and the pyrotechnic staff.

She said enough sponsorships were gathered for a “20-minute show with massively large shells that will shoot high into the sky to light up the night for New Year’s Eve. Due to the safety pre-cautions taken for COVID-19, I wanted to make the viewing area for the show as large as possible.”

Dore’ said that “Vidalia Dock and Storage is providing the barge service, which will carry the fireworks into the river and hold at a spot that will give the Miss-Lou the best panoramic view of the show. The show will be viewable from Vidalia’s Riverfront and along the Natchez Bluff, from Clarion Suites to Riverview RV Park on the Vidalia side and from any location along Broadway or Silver Street. 

“I do encourage everyone to maintain a safe social distance and to wear proper masks to protect themselves and others. I selected 6:30 p.m. for the show so that families with small children can be off the roads and safely at home to celebrate as the festive night carries on. Safety is my number 1 priority in the show.

“We are so excited to send 2020 off with a BANG in hopes that we can welcome a much better year in 2021. While there is a high chance of rain for New Year’s Eve, I believe the rain will have moved out of the area by fire time. Rain or shine, we will fire, but it may be pushed back to as late as 9 p.m. in an effort to avoid the storms.

“Please check with our Facebook Page, Miss Lou Fireworks, to stay up-to-date on this. This show would not be possible without our sponsors and I cannot stress that enough.

“Even after the tumultuous economic year that businesses have faced, our sponsors pulled together to provide this show for the Miss Lou. A full list of those sponsors can be found on our Facebook Page as well as our website:

“If you have any questions about the show, you can reach out to Sabrina Dore at 601-807-9995. Half-hour updates will be given on our Facebook Page regarding the timing for the show, if postponed due to rain.”

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