The Ferriday Police Department is partnering with Ferriday High School on an outreach program entitled “Our Youth Building Tomorrow.”

The program is an extra curriculum activity to stimulate student interest in government and to develop positive alternatives when confronted with today’s social, economic and infrastructure problems, according to Ferriday Police Chief Herman Curry.

Curry said the project came about after talking with Ferriday Police Lieutenant Sean Sublett, who has worked with high school students in other areas in the past.

“Sean has a background in doing work in schools and came up with a program he brought to me,” Curry said. “We tweaked it a little bit and presented it to Ferriday High principal Kimberly Jackson and the School Board to implement into the school.”

Curry said Jackson picked the 25 Ferriday High students that will take part in the program.

He said those students begin today (March 20) and go through April 8 “with the opportunity to build a city, establish a government, hold elections, and then face the task of managing today’s issue, from banking, providing the essentials of life, water, food, and utilities for the city. 

“As they began to develop their area of expertise, we would like for business people and leaders in the community to provide guidance and directions in their developing of the essentials.”

He said the students are excited about the program and the students will receive credits through their work and be honored after the project is completed with a banquet, as well as certificates and gifts.

“We’re trying to get the students’ attention and the way they see the police,” Curry said. “They have painted this broad brush about how the police department works and relates to young people. We’re going to be open and transparent with them and put them in different situations where they can see how officers handle those situations and the decisions that are made.”

 Curry said Sublett will keep everyone updated on the progress of the projects and notify the public in advance when their area is under development. 

“We’re excited about this program, people in the community are excited about this program and we believe it will be very beneficial for everyone,” Curry said.

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