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The Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office and Concordia Parish Police Jury have announced the guidelines and protocols for garbage pickup in the parish.

CPPJ recently terminatedits contract with Waste Pro for garbage pickup and entered into a mutual aid agreement with the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office to provide the service.

The decision came during a special meeting July 21.

Jury Secretary-Treasurer Sandi Burley said Tuesday that CPSO “has boots on the ground andis working on getting the garbage picked up. There are hiccups with some places being missed on what would be their ‘normal’ pickup day. With anything, there will be issues at first.”

She said the Jury was asking for patience from residents “until we get all the wrinkles smoothed out.”

CPSO requested that the public only dispose of household trash as it transitions into this new service and also asks: “Please be patient as we are attempting to retrieve large amounts of household waste left behind by the previous waste contractor due to circumstances beyond our control. “

As the parish transitions its waste collection service, all residents are asked to only dispose of household trash. Items too large to fit inside a trashcan will not be picked up during the next 30 days.”

CPSO said that effective Monday, August 2, the following collection guidelines were in place:


  • All garbage must be bagged and contained; not responsible for loose garbage.
  • Garbage trucks must cease operations during lightening/inclement weather events.
  • Garbage trucks shall only use Parish roads for collection; non-Parish roads must bring trash to the closest public route.
  • Garbage routes will be running on holidays except on the days of: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. Garbage will be picked up the following day unless that day is a weekend, in which it will be scheduled on Monday along with normal route pick up.



Begins on Hwy 568 at point outside Ferriday City Limits advancing northerly to Lake St. John, to include Hwy 900, Anderson Road, Hall Road, Traxler Road, Dan Howard Addition and all adjacent roads on Hwy 569 continuing back to Hwy 568. Begins on Hwy 131 south outside Vidalia City Limits at Sunset Lane to include Nichols, Cedar and Myrtle Drives extending south to Hwy 15 and encompassing Poole Road and Deer Park, following to Slocum, Fair View & Shaw; trailing to the southern end of the parish.


Begins on Hwy 84 outside Ferriday City Limits proceeding westward to Hwy 566 at Frogmore. Includes all adjacent roads, Levens Addition, Doty Road, Temple Road, Black Bayou Road, Enterkin Road, Franklin No. 1 and Persimmon Mill Road, advancing north on Hwy 566 to the southeastern section of Clayton City Limits including all adjacent roads, Haphazard, Bob Rife Road and Luke Martin Road. Continues north of Clayton on Hwy 65 to Indian Village Road, following to Hwy 65. Includes Washington Heights and Panola Woods Subdivision, excluding Ferriday City Limits and Clayton City Limits.


Begins west of Vidalia City Limits on Hwy 84 including Laura Lane, Lovice Beard Lane, Moose Lodge Road, Airport Road, Minorca Little Acres, Concordia Park, Freeman Road, Howard Road, Leroy Williams Road, and all adjacent roads. Continuing west to Ferriday City Limits including Cowan Street, Mimosa Street, Deacon Wells Road, Crestview Drive, Sycamore Bayou Road and Bayou Drive .Following to Lake Concordia including Railroad Drive, Bayou Skipper Drive and Raymond Cooper Road. Proceeding to Hwy 3196, trailing to Rifle Point, then back to Old River Boat Camp and adjacent roads. 


Begins on Hwy 84 at Frogmore extending west to Black River Bridge and including all adjacent roads, Pete Davis Road and the entire Wildsville Community. Proceeding south on Hwy 565 and continuing to LA 600 onto Hwy 3203 to Catahoula Parish Limits. Continues along Hwy 565 to intersection at S&P Grocery, includes all adjacent roads, Eames Road and Gallup Road. Following north on Hwy 129 to the Hwy 84 intersection at Stacy, including Boggy Bayou Road and all adjacent roads.


Begins at intersection of Hwy 565 and Hwy 129 (S&P Grocery) advancing south to include the community of Monterey and encompassing Workinger Bayou at Hwy 906, Island Road and Deadening Road. Continuing south to the intersection at Hwy 565 and Hwy 129, then east on Hwy 565 to Kemps Road, following south on Hwy 129 to the community of Eva, including Highways 907, 908, and 3203. Proceeding south to New Era and Hwy 909 including the community of Acme, Poole Road and all other adjacent roads.

Contact the Police Jury with any questions at 318-336-7151  or email

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