Riverland Medical Center board members re-elected Jim Graves as chairman and James King as vice-chairman Tuesday at its monthly meeting.

Graves is serving his fifth straight year as chairman.

"I appreciate the confidence the board has shown in me," Graves said. "These are absolutely exciting times for the hospital. We're still on track to open our new hospital in August, we're recruiting doctors and our staff is doing a great job. We're continuing to move forward."

The board approved a resolution to approve and ratify legal documents in connection with the redevelopment of the Ferriday Campus.

Sunrise Behavioral Center will take over the building when Riverland moves into its new Trinity Medical Center next year.

The new business is an adolescent inpatient behavior facility for ages 7-17.

"That's basically allowing the chairman to work with the behavioral health people coming in on making the transition," said Riverland Administrator Sam Ellard. "We're leaving our footprint in Ferriday."

Ellard took department heads on a tour of the new hospital --Trinity Medical Center -- on Monday.

“Everyone was very excited to tour the new hospital and with good reason,” Ellard said.

Ellard will meet with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals next month to begin the licensing process and continue going through the steps to make the new hospital operational once it is completed.

For the month of December, Riverland had recorded revenue of $1,511,195 and total expenses of $1,468,811 for net revenue of $42,384.

The board approved policies and procedures for radiology, maintenance, nursing service attendance and sexual harassment.

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