David Hedrick defeated three candidates Saturday to become Concordia Parish’s next sheriff, while District 21 Rep. Andy Anders and criminal investigator Phillip Webber will meet in a runoff for clerk of court.

Hedrick will take over the post currently held by his father, Kenneth Hedrick, who previously announced his retirement at the end of his second term. The sheriff’s campaign marked the younger Hedrick’s first political run.

David Hedrick presently serves as chief deputy for the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office.

In the clerk’s race, Anders polled 50 percent of the votes with 3,221, almost enough to win outright.

But Webber, who is chief investigator for the sheriff’s office, and Pascha Cater Brown together polled 52 votes more than Anders, forcing the runoff.

Webber received 2,053 votes (32 percent), while Brown received 1,220 votes (19 percent).

In the sheriff’s race, Hedrick polled 52 percent of the vote with 3,451 votes, 276 more votes than the three other candidates combined.

Sixteen votes separated Rock Davis (23 percent, 1,548 votes) and Denis Mulvihill (23 percent, 1,532 votes). Fred Taylor III finished in fourth place with 95 votes.

“First, I would like to give thanks to God for allowing me to serve and I pray for his continued guidance,” Hedrick said this week. “Thank you to my family for standing with me during my campaign. To the voters of Concordia Parish, thank you for allowing me to serve you as your sheriff.

“I am truly moved by the confidence you showed in me at the polls and will do my best not to let you down. Your support, kind words of encouragement and prayers for my family and me made the hard task of campaigning easier. Your continued support and prayers will allow me to succeed as I continue to work for the citizens of Concordia Parish.”

Hedrick also thanked “the dedicated men and women of the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office, for your hard work and long hours that make Concordia Parish the great place it is. We have a lot of hard work ahead, but with your continued support the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office will continue to serve the citizens of Concordia Parish in the manner they deserve.

“As always, my door is open for anyone to stop by and voice any concerns they may have.”

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