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Almost $30 million -- $29,240,000 to be exact --  in highway construction projects in Concordia, Catahoula and Tensas parishes have been recently completed, are in active construction or will be initiated in the future, according to the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

District 58 Engineer Administrator Ken Free provided information on the projects this week.

Projects recently completed $3.84 million total:

Catahoula -- La. 923, LA 3101-end maintenance, asphalt overlay, $900,000, completed June 2021.

Catahoula -- LA 914, LA 915, LA 916, asphalt overlay, $1,640,000, completed August 2021.

Tensas -- LA 573: Cooter Point Rd.-Big Choctaw Bayou, asphalt overlay, $1,300,000, completed September 2021.

Active construction projects $6.4 million total:

Concordia, U.S. 425: Arkansas Ave.-US 65, mill and asphalt overlay, $2,800,000, construction began July 2021.

Tensas, LA 128: LA 573-US 65, asphalt overlay, $1,900,000, construction began August 2021.

Tensas, LA 4: LA 128 - 1.6 mile east LA 888, asphalt overlay, $1,700,000, construction began September 2021.

Upcoming projects including estimated construction costs and estimated beginning of construction, $19 million total:

Tensas, LA 4: 1.6 mile east LA 888-LA 575, asphalt overlay, $2,200,000, Spring 2022.

Tensas, LA 573: Cooter Point Rd. – LA 892, asphalt overlay, cement stabilization in areas, $2,000,000, Summer 2022.

Concordia, LA 15: LA 131-US 84, mill and asphalt overlay, $3,200,000, Summer 2022.

Catahoula, LA 3102 at Larto Lake, asphalt overlay, $3,000,000, Summer 2022.

Tensas, LA 604: Realignment Near Mississippi River, roadway realignment due to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers levee enlargement project, $8,600,000 to be reimbursed by USACE, Summer 2023.

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