DESPITE RECENT rains, work continues at Trinity Medical Center on the Ferriday-Vidalia Highway. The new hospital is scheduled to open in August. (Sentinel photos by Wes Faulk)

Workers trudged through the mud on Tuesday, making their way in and out of the 61,000 square foot Trinity Medical Center site where a flurry of activity is taking place.

Construction of $36 million facility will be completed by August, according to hospital officials.

"It's eye opening to see what we have coming," said Trinity Medical Center Administrator Sam Ellard. "It's really amazing the progress that has been made. This facility is something the entire community can be proud of.”

He said the event will held in the near future “to give people a chance to see it up close." 

Trinity Medical Center Marketing Director Brandy Spears walked through the maze of steel and insulation on Tuesday, pointing to each opening and detailing each as patient rooms (23 in all).

There also are two observations rooms, offices, two intensive care units, a waiting room, cafeteria, surgical rooms, eight emergency rooms and two trauma, Intensive Outpatient Program rooms and labs.

Workers are building from the west side of the main structure to the east. They are waiting on additional equipment to finish the west side.

Masonry work began last month. Contractors have started bricking the front of the building with ongoing fireproofing and plaster work.

Fireproofing will be completed this week.  

The interior framing is 70-to-80 percent complete, Spears said, while the electrical work on the walls is 99 percent complete.

The east side of the building will include a 17,000-square foot medical office building designed to offer a new model for rural health care delivery, Spears said.

Overhead electrical work is ongoing on the medical office building, as well as roofing work. Masonry on the building began this week.

Exterior windows will be framed and glass put in over next three weeks.

The mechanical building in back of the hospital will be completed next week after the overhead doors are installed. 

Spears said signs to direct patients and guests to different departments will be in next week.

"We've actually already got the furniture ordered," Spears said.

The recent rains have delayed paving, but not the work going on inside the facility.

The project is funded by the USDA, New Market Tax Credits, State of Louisiana Capital Outlay & Local Bank financing.

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