Election 2019

Tensas Parish Sheriff Rickey Jones, Clerk of Court Christy Lee and Assessor Donna Randolph Ratcliff were each reelected during Saturday’s primary.

Jones tallied 60 percent of the vote – 1,343 votes – to defeat challengers Robert Pearson with 716 votes (32 percent) and Danny Clark with 173 votes (8 percent).

In the clerk’s race, Lee polled 1,635 votes (75 percent) to 544 votes for Christian Jones.

In the assessor’s race, Ratcliff received 1,390 votes (64 percent) to 783 votes for Jerica Newman.

In the Ward One Justice of the Peace race, Kara Ward defeated Latria Anderson 572 (62 percent) to 355.

Police Jury race results were as follows:

District 1

The District 1 race ended this way: Johnny Daves led with 90 votes, but Larry Foster and Alex “Chip” Watson each received 88 votes.

Tyler Brey with the Secretary of State’s office said any of the Tensas candidates could ask for a recount by the 4:30 p.m. deadline Oct. 16. If requested, a recount will be held Thursday morning, Oct. 17.

If the vote tally doesn’t change or even if no one asks for a recount, Brey said all three candidates would be on the Nov. 16 ballot. The leading vote getter would then be required to only have a plurality – not a majority – to win the election out right.

Brey said this situation had happened before in Louisiana – 11 times since 1987 -- including an alderman’s race in District 4 in Newellton in 2015.

District 2

Terrence South and Mark Jones are in a runoff.

South received 155 votes (61 percent), Jones 56 (22 percent), Cheryl Simpson 31 (12 percent) and Eulas Foster 13 (5 percent).

District 3

Bill Crigler was the winner with 247 votes (54 percent). Phil Arnold received 134 votes (30 percent) and Patrick Glass 73 (16 percent).

District 4

Billy Arceneaux defeated Karen Lewis, 192 (58 percent) to 137.

District 5

Rod Webb defeated George Gray, 243 (86 percent) to George Gray 40.

District 6

Bubba Rushing was elected over two opponents.

Rushing polled 210 votes (69 percent) to 83 (27 percent) for Carl Frank Olds and 12 (four percent) for Donald R. Black.

District 7

Robert Clark defeated “Jamie Lil Stump” Davis, 187 (54 percent) to 159.

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