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Julia Letlow garnered 65% of the vote in the 24-parish Fifth District on Saturday to win a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Her late husband, Luke, was elected to represent the same congressional district last November, but he died in December from complications related to COVID-19.

In Concordia Parish, Julia Letlow garnered 69 percent of the vote with 1,797, while her closest challenger, Democrat Sandra “Candy” Christophe, finished in second place with 714.

Chad Conerly received 78 votes while the other nine candidates received less than 50 votes combined.

Districtwide, Letlow polled 67,199 votes to 28,252 for Christophe and 5,497 for Conerly.

“This is an incredible moment and it is truly hard to put into words," Letlow said this weekend. "What was born out of the terrible tragedy of losing my husband, Luke, has become my mission in his honor to carry the torch and serve the good people of Louisiana's 5th District. I am humbled that you would entrust me with the honor of your vote and the privilege to serve you in Congress. A simple thank you doesn't fully encapsulate the depth of my gratitude.

"I will be a servant to the people of this district and to be present across the 24 parishes. I will listen more than I speak and seek to find solutions to our region's challenges. I will partner with those across the country who can help us capitalize on our district's strengths and bring real results home to you."

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