The Concordia Parish Police Jury adopted two new ordinances following a public hearing Monday night.

The meeting was the Jury’s last for 2020.

No members of the public attended the public hearing nor listened in via Zoom.

The first ordinance adopted concerned the use of recording devices to help monitor and enforce ordinance violations. The Jury plans to place motion activated cameras in areas where there have been problems related to theft and dumping.

Jurors also passed a second ordinance, this one concerning illegal dumping.

According to the ordinance passed, the penalty for littering and illegal dumping will be no less than $500 and not more than $1,000.

Additionally, the ordinance notes that violators will be jailed for no less than 10 days but not more than 30.

In other business, the Jury approved the minutes of last week’s meeting of the Finance Committee, chaired by Adam Probst.

The Jury’s proposed 2021 fiscal year consolidated budget totals $6.1 million for its general and special revenues funds. The revenue projection for the general fund is $1,565,015 while the projection for the special revenue fund is $4,531,520.

At the committee meeting, it was noted that discussions of “revenue shortfalls for 2021 were held. Expenses were minimized where applicable to project a positive ending balance as deemed by statutory requirements.”

The committee recommended denying a request for an additional $4,000 to the Airport Authority to cover increased insurance expense “due to limited funding available and the propensity of the airport to obtain revenues through additional rent from hangars or increased fees.”

The committee denied a request for an additional staff person for the Registrar of Voters, noting, “This has been a request in prior years and the statutes do not provide for additional staff based on the population of the parish.”

The committee also denied a request to purchase new scanners, noting a “network scanner is available for use to the office rather than purchasing additional individual desk versions.”

The coroner’s office requested $100,900 in addition to the statutorily required allocations for CEC (Coroner’s Emergency Certificate) and autopsy expenses totaling $125,000.

According to Secretary-Treasurer Sandi Burley, the requested funds were for office space, utilities, cold storage and other items which the Jury deemed as not an actual expense and not needed at this time.

The parish approved $47,000 in addition to the CEC and autopsy expenses, providing a $72,000 allocation.

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