The Concordia Parish Police Jury is working to reequip compactor sites in the parish and working to meet deadlines associated with the American Rescue Plan Act.

During the regular meeting Monday night, jurors agreed to get quotes to provide and haul 30-yard containers to the compactor sites at Frogmore and Monterey, while also considering buying the containers and having someone else haul and dispose of the trash.

Juror Gary Neal is researching the cost of purchasing a hauling truck.

The Jury recently terminated its garbage disposal contract with Waste Pro and has made an agreement with the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office to handle residential garbage pickup.

Additionally, the CDL driver scheduled to drive the crew working the grapple truck for limb pickup is being tested for Covid, which has delayed the start of pickup. According to Jury Secretary-Treasurer Sandi Burley, the “CDLdriver has all the symptoms of Covid but tested negative and they wanted him to wait another 48 hours before being tested again.”

Pickup is expected to begin this week.

Concerning the Water Sector Program, Burley said the state is requiring that applications are due by Sept. 24.

“This is a huge turn around in a short period of time especially when you have to follow Federal procurement laws when using ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds for match,” Burley said. “The state has basically required a 25 percent match on all the projects being applied for. The 25 percent match can be waived, but it can affect your scoring. This is for sewer and water projects.”

She said entities can apply for up to $5 million.

With the allocations for the parish from ARPA, she said the Jury is helping the sewer and water entities meet their 25 percent match.

Projects funded through ARPA in the parish include Concordia Sewer, which received $400,000; Concordia Water, $300,000; Lake St. John Waterworks, $150,000; Monterey Water, $200,000; Police Jury drainage, $250,000; and Police Jury general fund, $2,065,000.

“With regards to the General Fund,” Burley said, “we were given this massive Excel spreadsheet to put data in to come up with growth and deficits of revenue. We were to use 2019 as a base year and only focus on tax revenues from local, state, and federal.

“Based on my unaudited 2020 calculations, the tax receivables have a deficit equal to a little bit over $500,000 a year. That equals about 11.6% each year. We are supposed to multiply that by 4 years and have the ARPA funds allocated to offset the deficit.”

The ARPA budget allocation has been preliminarily approved by the jurors. The budget is due to federal treasury by Aug. 31.

Concerning broadband, Burley said the Jury is required to provide a 25 percent match on an estimated cost of $6-to-$8 million.

“We do not have that kind of money available to match, nor do we have a return on investment directly – the providers are the ones that will be making the money, not the Jury,” she said, noting that her understanding is that providers are being asked to provide 20 percent in capital and assets.

She said a broadband committee will be formed.

In other action the Jury, following a public hearing, approved a request from Mike Rodrigue to abandon a portion of Maxwell Road.

In an email to the Jury, Rodrigue wrote that he was requesting to “abandon 125 feet of Maxwell Rd. south of the northern cattle guard in order to run a fence across the road and over the levee.” He said Fifth District Levee Board officials were in agreement with the proposal.

“A gate would be placed across the road but locked,” he said. “Keys will be provided to all agencies that need to access beyond that point.”

He said he had applied for a permit from the levee board “for the portion of the fence that will cross the levee.”

In other action, the Jury:

Approved requests from the School Board for assistance to spray herbicide around the Ferriday High baseball field, to mow and spray the field across from Vidalia Junior High and to spray the baseball field fence at Ferriday Junior High.

Discussed herbicide application along drainage ditch banks on sections of Cocodrie Bayou and Little Cross Bayou.

Approved occupational licenses for:

Hilliard’s Snack Shack, Brent Hillard, 153 Harbor Road, Ferriday.

Martin Construction, Lee Martin Jr., 171 Doty Garden Circle, Ferriday.

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