The Ferriday Town Council discussed problems involving juveniles and speeding during its town meeting Tuesday.

Aldermen addressed several issues -- juveniles speeding, drivers not stopping at four-way stops and littering, especially in the Woodlawn subdivision.

"There is a lot of littering going on, and we need to start fining people," said Mayor Rydell Turner. "Kids need to be accountable for their actions. Parents, your kids are doing wrong and leaving all kinds of evidence."

Alderwoman Gloria Lloyd asked if Ferriday has a juvenile officer.

Ferriday Police Officer Robert "Rock" Davis said he and officer Bo Stevens are addressing that issue.

The Town of Ferriday is sponsoring a juvenile 13-under event at Ferriday Hall at 6 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 12, with music, dancing and games.

Turner said there will also be dramas performed about the right and wrong way to do things.

The first 100 juveniles will be allowed in as long as they wear protective masks.

No more than 100 can attend.

"We have to have a different mindset," Turner said.

Turner said another event will be held Feb. 26 at Ferriday Hall for 13-under.

"Next month we will have events for 13-older," Turner said. "We want to give everyone the opportunity to attend."

Lloyd discussed excessive speeding on Hwy. 15.

"People need to start respecting Ferriday," she said.

Turner asked whether speed bumps or a stop light would help.

"That was denied by the state before," Lloyd said.

Turner said that issue needs to be re-visited.

On another matter, the board postponed talking about a police chief.

John Hawkins is currently serving as interim police chief.

The board approved occupational licenses for No Place Like Home Care Services, LLC, Sip Central, Matthews Handyman Service, MC.

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