The Fifth Levee District received “acreage and ad valorem taxes for flood protection totaling approximately $1.3 million,” during fiscal year ending June 30, 2019.

The district’s net position was $7.3 million.

That’s according to financial report released Monday by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor and prepared by the Metairie accounting firm of Heinz & Macaluso LLC of Metairie.

The district's “net pension and other post-employment benefits obligations at June 30, 2019, totaled $1,577,586 and $498,891, respectively representing a decrease of $167,199 and an increase of $36,891, respectively from the fiscal year ended June 30, 2018.”

The levee district’s “assets and deferred outflows of resources exceeded liabilities and deferred inflows of resources by $7,348,992 at June 30, 2019. Included in the District's net position is its investment in capital assets, which consists primarily of land, levee infrastructure, buildings and equipment. These assets are not available for future spending.

“The District's assets increased by $682,388 primarily from additional funds received for land sales. Total liabilities increased by $27,071 primarily from increases in capital leases.

“Program revenues increased by $716,272 primarily due to land sales. Expenses decreased by $113,330 primarily due to decreases in a variety of expenses.”

In the governmental fund statement of revenues, expenditures and changes in the fund balance for the past fiscal year, the report says that revenues totaled $2,768,108 and included $1,298,081, property taxes; $42,127, state revenue sharing; $906,351, royalties, leases and land sales; $24,608, investment earnings; $130,496, state right-of-way reimbursements; and $366,445, miscellaneous revenues.

Expenditures totaled $2,353,025 and included $1,768,744, general government; and $584,281, capital outlay.

The fund balance at the end of the fiscal year totaled $1,800,752.

Eight commissioners appointed by the governor serve the levee district. Commissioners receive a per diem of $67.50 per day and are reimbursed for travel.

The president received $1,000 monthly.

Parishes in the levee district are East Carroll, Madison, Tensas and Concordia.

Two levee board members are from Concordia Parish – Hyram Copeland and Barry Maxwell.

Offices are located in the city of Tallulah.

The district serves a population of approximately 47,000 and employs approximately 20 people.

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