Vidalia is continuing to pickup debris left over from two winter storms and contactors are being sought to help with the work.

Mayor Buz Craft said during a Facebook message on Friday that the town still has “a lot of storm debris. We’re getting to it as quick as possible.”

He said contractors who are licensed by the state are asked to submit proposals for limb pickup.

Craft said the town’s street sweeper has been repaired and is now back in use but he said he will ask aldermen to consider purchasing a new street sweeper next year.

In connection with the ice storms, Craft said that ruts were left in yards along several streets after repair and recovery work got underway. He said the ruts on those streets will soon be repaired.

The streets scheduled for work include Charles, Elm, Holly, Whitehall Circle, Dandridge, Virginia, Georgia, Bill Johnson, Advocate, Byron, Lillian, Holly, Eleanor, North Oak, Stampley, Dogwood, Simonton, Pear, Peach, Plum, Cedar, Willow, Whitehall and Sunset.

On another matter, Craft urged town citizens to consider projects they would like the town to undertake. The work will be paid through hydroelectric royalties.

Craft said meetings will be held in the future to discuss proposed town projects.

He said he would like to see new welcome signs placed on each end of town, adding that he is reaching out to various civic clubs for their help in this project.

He said another request has been to build safety nets at the recreation ballparks to provide protection from foul balls.

The road between the high school and football field should be repaired, he said, adding that the town would like to work with the School Board in repairing the street.

Additionally, Craft said the town is continuing to monitor the stage of the Mississippi River.

The river stood at 50 feet on Tuesday, two feet above flood stage, and is expected to crest on April 3 at 51 feet.

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